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Western Arizona

The Ramsey Silver Project

Intercepts up to 46 meters 304 gpt (8.87 opt) Ag

Ramsey Highlights

  • Located in mining friendly Arizona, U.S.A.
  • 2 hours west of Phoenix on Interstate 10
  • Historic production of 1370 gpt (~40 opt) Ag
  • 41 existing 1960’s underground drill holes
  • Intercepts up to 46 meters 304 gpt (8.87 opt) Ag
  • Lead and zinc present but not assayed
  • Large untested adjacent geophysical anomaly
  • Huge upside potential for large deposit size
  • 100% ownership with royalty buy-outs

Regional Overview Copperstone Gold Mine (Kerr Mines)

Ramsey Exposures of Geology Underground

High-grade vein with open stope
High-grade vein with open stope
low-grade silver in volcanic breccia
Low-grade silver in volcanic breccia

Ramsey Mine Old Channel Samples Ends of Old Drifts

Ramsey Exploration Drill Results to Date

Schematic Model of Mineral System Detachment Fault Related Deposit

Modified from Spencer and Welty Arizona Geological Survey (1986) - no scale implied

Ramsey Geologic Section

Ramsey Geology of Overlying Rhyolite

Black calcite plus quartz veins in overlying rhyolite (upward leakage) With Ag-Pb-Zn-Ba Geochem Signature

Ramsey Upcoming 2021 Drill Program

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